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Pioneer Forged Wood 20 Inch 7.62 Sporter Rifle

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  • Pioneer Forged Wood 20 Inch 7.62 Sporter Rifle
  • Pioneer Forged Wood 20 Inch 7.62 Sporter Rifle
  • Pioneer Forged Wood 20 Inch 7.62 Sporter Rifle


We are proud to introduce the new Long Barrel Pioneer Arms Sporter AK-47, reminiscent of the Preban AK47/S National Match Models! This beautiful forged receiver, semi-automatic 7.62×39 version of the Polish AK-47 Rifle got its start at the Pioneer Arms factory in Radom Poland with the final U.S. compliance and finish being done here in the U.S. by Pioneer Arms U.S.A. The rifle possesses the original Military Spec Polish Receiver and a 20″ Barrel, with many of the original Com-Bloc characteristics that you would expect from a Polish-based military rifle. As it is a Wood Stocked AK Sporter, this rifle has all of the same base features as the standard Polish AK- Sporter, but with gorgeous wood handguards, butt stock, and a 20″ barrel! This rifle features a stunning original Polish laminated wood handguard and stock set that immediately catches your eye, a sling swivel, a new bolt hold open safety lever, a side optic mount, and a brown polymer AK pistol grip that is well matched to the stock. It also features the new Pioneer Arms – Premium Grade Hand Polished AK 47 Fire Control Group and an internal side retention plate for the ultimate smooth trigger feel.

The rifle accepts and is fully compliant with all high cap AK-47 mags and drums regardless of the country of origin and each rifle ships with 1-30 round mag. Unlike many of the U.S.-built Franken-Rifles on the market today, all of the primary rivet work, head spacing, etc… on this rifle is done at the factory in Poland so the fit and finish are exceptional. The Pioneer AK Sporter has the same primary receiver components, trunnion, and bolt carrier group as the select-fire rifles that Pioneer Arms produces to fulfill their numerous military contracts. In fact, this rifle incorporates the same front trunnion as all of the select-fire ( full auto ) AKs that they produce for military applications around the world. All structural parts have been rigorously tested to ensure the highest possible quality and long life. The rifle also features a button pulled, 1 in 10 twist rifled barrel with a nitride coated bore. The barrel is threaded on the end with the original military 14×1 left-hand thread pattern so if you want to change out the compensator that comes on the rifle, all original 7.62×39 caliber AK muzzle brake designs will fit as well. Sights are meticulously inspected for proper alignment so you should expect no canting. Gas port settings are properly drilled to ensure smooth cycling action with no overblow or short cycles. Rivet work is triple inspected and each rifle leaves the plant with a high degree of uniformity from rifle to rifle. They are completed with a beautiful black melonite external finish.   comes with (2) Magazines

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